Act2Access wins Business Innovation Best Video Awards 2019 at the University of St. Gallen

Marquard Media Group nominated Act2Access as the Business Model Innovation Challenge for the first year MBA students at the University of St. Gallen.

Business Model Innovation Challenge by Marquard Media Group
Marquard Media Group nominated Act2Access as the Business Model Innovation Challenge for the first year MBA students at the University of St. Gallen.
Insights were shared with the three teams of MBA students, responding to their questions and sharing feedback on their drafted concepts. The teams have worked on their own proposals from the three different perspectives: (1) platform & ecosystem, (2) product, and (3) user experience.

Final Presentation Day at the University of St. Gallen
On the 26th of October, more than 240 MBA students and 18 company representatives (BMW, Bayer, Bosch, Hansgrohe, OSRAM, Siemens and several other) attended the Final Presentation Day at St. Gallen. MBA students presented their proposals in the presentation and video formats. This was followed by comprehensive feedback sessions. Once each company representative evaluated the proposals and chose the winning one, everyone gathered to choose the best video. Act2Access was voted by the whole auditorium as the winning one. You can watch the video here:

Engagement Benefits & Impressions
Marquard Media Group gained significant visibility among the company representatives and the MBA student community at the University of St. Gallen. The ´engaging branding´ of Marquard Media as a bottom-up innovative media company was extremely well received. Act2Access has been thought through by three teams from three different perspectives, which resulted in insightful proposals that will be disseminated with the relevant MMG teams and further assessed for implementation.


On Act2Access
Interactive User Engagement – Bringing the users back to into the spotlight

Act2Access alleviates the ad-blocking pain-point for media companies by acting as an interactive user engagement tool. When completing mini tasks, users receive credits and can redeem them to access benefits (beyond content consumption). Originally conceived to tackle the ad-blocking pain point, it is now set to reinvent digital advertisement as a B-B-C platform.

On Act2Access Journey

Ad-Blocking Rates are a strong pain-point for media companies globally. Global loss of revenue is projected to grow to $75 BN in 2020, up from $41 BN in 2016 (Source: Statista). Key consumer behaviour trends driving the ad-blockers usage are as follows: (1) advertising as an intrusive and distracting factor, (2) advertising negatively impacting user experience, and (3) advertising as a privacy and security concern.

Consumers are strongly demanding a more enjoyable and engaging user experience. They are seeking for a more rewarding and interactive engagement. And with Act2Access, Marquard Media Group brings the users back into the spotlight and focuses on solving their pain-points. The journey starts by Act2Access recognizing the ad-blocker. Once recognized, a pop-up is activated and shown to the user. The pop-up presents the mini tasks. When completing mini tasks, users receive credits and can choose to save them in their Act2Access Wallet. Users can then choose to redeem the credits for accessing content, e-commerce or any other products a digital media and its partners have to offer.

The journey continues as Act2Access evolves into a highly impactful interactive advertising network. Engaging users with multiple formats on multiple devices is the next step of the journey. Partnering with publishing networks and marketers will be the focus. The goal is to create a uniquely engaging advertising experience, increasing the awareness, driving the engagement, closing the conversion gaps, and creating positive impacts for all the participants in the ecosystem.