Marquard Media Group, a company founded by Jürg Marquard in the 1960s and headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading European media company, publishing lifestyle, special interest, gaming and electronic entertainment titles in Germany, Poland and Hungary. Leading titles in the premium lifestyle sector are among others: Men’s Health, Runners World, InStyle, Playboy, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Joy, Eva, APA, as well as numerous other print, online publications, and B2B premium services. The strongly growing online sector includes web and mobile offers for the IT and gaming world provided by its portfolio companies: Golem, 4Players and Computec. Under the motto “create.  connect. transact.” the company is dedicated to product and business model innovation strengthening existing offers and entering new market segments.


Marquard Media Hungary

Marquard Media Hungary Ltd. is a market leader in the production and provision of premium content and quality. Its internationally licensed and locally developed publications are all, without exception, market leaders in their own segment, like Joy, Éva, InSytle, Shape, Gyereklélek, Playboy, Men’s Health, Apa. The publishing house which previously operated exclusively with a print background, now operates as a media company which offers complex communication solutions to it’s partners. In addition to print and online publishing activities, three other business branches ensure its unique positioning on the Hungarian market. Its digital activities are collected under the name Digital Services, while Content Studio is its intellectual workshop, the aim of which is to support its partners in the development and effectuation of their content strategy. Its Events division deals with the sponsorship of events and other brand activations within the framework of integrated co-operations. Marquard Media Hungary prides itself with being able to react quickly to the changes or the market environment with both internal and external developments, as a successful, trustworthy and innovative company.  Marquard Media Hungary builds communities on several passion points of their audience, around key areas like sport and health, modern family, shopping and lifestyle. The company guarantees the exigent and exclusive quality which characterizes it both in terms of content and partnership models. Marquard Media Hungary applies the company’s business model ’create. connect. transact.’ with its diversified business solutions, and its expertise of several decades. The company has been playing a major role in CSR activities for years, they are the first „fur-free” media company in Hungary.

Marquard Media Poland

Marquard Media Poland (MMP) is well-known, brand-centric lifestyle publisher in Poland with uniquely recognized international and local brands such as Cosmopolitan, Joy, Harper’s BAZAAR, Playboy, Esquire, CKM, Kozaczek, Papilot and Zeberka. MMP ensures that its special, highly customized, authentic and trusted content created based on its client needs is placed through relevant channels with a defined purpose of enhancing brand performance. MMP creates content with the primacy of launching, building, and engaging micro-communities. The performance benchmark for community engagement is depth measured in quality and quantity of peer-to-peer engagement around brands. MMP deploys events as physical touchpoints for digital community engagement. Through new transactional business models and platforms, MMP’s Partners leverage special touchpoints to existing and new customers. MMP is therefore an important platform and ecosystem for all brands (and Partners), who want to introduce, strengthen, scale or co-brand their products more effectively in Poland and beyond. MMP brand-centric and performance-based business model of ‘create. connect. transact. ‘uniquely empowers Third-Party brands to leverage MMP’s portfolio brand values and reach for the purpose of sales performance. 

Computec Media

COMPUTEC MEDIA is the leading German-speaking media company in the games, IT and consumer electronics sector, offering events, magazines, online portals, apps, server business and corporate publishing services. Founded in 1989, the company has over 15 brands, including the flagship brands PC GAMES, PC GAMES HARDWARE and BUFFED, and reaching a million users each month. With a passion for electronic entertainment, the gaming, hardware and consumer electronics portfolio offers competent sources of information and unique exchange platforms for the Consumer Electronics, IT and Gaming community. On the other hand, industry partners and advertising markets gain direct access to over ten million readers and users with modern 360-degree marketing solutions and attractive transaction models. In the B2B sector, MAKING GAMES, Europe's leading brand for game development, addresses the German game development scene with its magazine and website. COMPUTEC MEDIA also organizes the annual industry event DEUTSCHER ENTWICKLERPREIS, the most renowned award for video and computer games in the German-speaking world. COMPUTEC MEDIA reaches further highly specialized end consumer target groups with AREAMOBILE.DE, the news and test portal for mobile devices, and with its Linux media, above all the renowned LINUX-MAGAZIN and the LINUX-COMMUNITY.DE platform.


Founded in 2000 by a team of enthusiastic web-developers who loved gaming, the 4Players GmbH now ranks at one of the leading German creators and publishers of video game related content., the company’s online gaming website is a constant among German-speaking video gamers. The dedicated team of highly skilled and professional journalists lives by its philosophy ‘critical, honest, subjective’ and delivers daily content for the loyal 4Players community since its launch in summer 2000. Game server hosting and bespoke solutions such as video and content delivery as well as other CDN services are strong suits. Since 2003 customer across Europe can rely on the service and a dedicated team to deliver and perform.


As the leader of high-quality journalism in information technology (IT) since 1997, Golem sees its purpose in contributing to positive changes within the IT industry by empowering all IT professionals in German-speaking markets to make informed decisions. As the trusted brand with highly motivated and competent team, Golem is dedicated to continuously building value by providing its community of IT professionals with what they aspire to, in terms of information, products, and services. Company is proud of having its precisely and fastidiously researched reports cited all over the world, and its editors among the best in their field of expertise. Due to its high journalistic standards, it enjoys an excellent reputation with IT decision-makers, developers and scientists for more than a decade. Golem continues investigating the most important developments in IT comprehensively and objectively, with topics ranging from cloud computing over the internet of things, industry 4.0 and security issues, to autonomous driving. Always looking towards the future, Golem launched several innovating projects, some of which were recognized by Google and supported by Google DNI. Under the motto "create. connect. transact." the company is dedicated to high-quality journalism, specialized IT events, and to building IT professionals career platform that will offer innovative professional growth products.