Dr. Luka Müller joins Board of Marquard Media Group

Dr. Luka Müller, one of Switzerland’s leading pioneers in the legal and corporate aspects of blockchain digitization, joins the Board of Directors of Marquard Media Group AG.
Dr. Luka Müller has founded MME Legal Tax Compliance AG, a company that has built an international reputation over the past years by making important contributions to the fundamentals of crypto regulation geared to market requirements and by managing globally leading blockchain transactions.

Jürg Marquard, founder, sole shareholder and President of the Board of Directors of Marquard Media Group AG, says: “I am pleased to have succeeded with the appointment of two additional independent members to the board of directors, namely Luka Müller and Marc Walder. Luka Müller made a significant contribution to turning Switzerland into one of the world´s most competitive locations for blockchain-based solutions. His expertise and ambition in this area will further strengthen and expand Marquard Media Group’s innovative power.”

Dr. Luka Müller says:

“Marquard Media Group has a great track record in scouting trends early on and successfully implement innovations. I am looking forward to taking part in shaping the future of Marquard Media Group. The blockchain segment is opening up new business areas and models to media companies.”

The Board of Directors of Marquard Media now includes: Jürg Marquard (President of the Board of Directors), founder and sole shareholder of Marquard Media Group AG; Bijan Khezri (Delegate of the Board of Directors), Chairman of the Group Executive Committee of Marquard Media Group AG; Albrecht Hengstenberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hengstenberg GmbH & Co. KG; Thomas Rinderknecht, Senior Partner of Badertscher Rechtsanwälte AG; Marc Walder, CEO of Ringier AG; and Dr. Luka Müller, co-founder of MME Legal Tax Compliance AG.