Introduction to Marquard Media Ecosystem Partnerships

“We consider ourselves as the ‘speedboat’ of the media industry. During a short period of time, we have developed new approaches to all areas of business in Gaming, IT, Entertainment and Lifestyle across all core markets. A basis for substantial growth has been laid. During the following years, Marquard Media will reassume the pioneering role within the media industry that characterized the founding years as well as significant phases of the firm’s entire history. Our journey will be marked by forging long-term business partnerships.

In alignment with our operating model “create. connect. transact.”, we want to deliver unique and new business ecosystems to fulfill our communities’ transactional needs. We want every piece of content we create to bring value through trust, to enable community engagement and peer to peer support, and to connect communities to new business ecosystems. To achieve this, we are continuously building long-term business partnerships and unique transactional models.”

Having innovation as integral part of its corporate strategy, Marquard Media continuously innovates at platform, product and business model levels.

Marquard Media Innovation Partners (MIP)

Marquard Media Innovation Partner Program (MIP) aims at offering companies’ early access to innovative products. This access is allowed already at the prototyping stage. Apart from being the first one to receive information on new product offering, MIP members are invited to exclusive product presentations and are qualified to receive preferential product offering.

Marquard Media Innovation Partners (MIP) Benefits

  • being first to receive information about innovative product offering
  • being first to receive invitation to exclusive innovative product presentations
  • being promoted as MIP on Marquard Media corporate website and all corporate materials related to MIP
  • receiving exclusive product offering and preferential treatment
  • joining community of trusted business partners