Here is why the Hungarian edition of Playboy magazine has come to an end

Change in modern gender stereotypes and the publishing company’s new strategic focus are the main reasons behind the decision

Marquard Media Hungary Ltd. announced yesterday to reorganize, as of January 2020, its content production around new thematic focus points, one of them being modern family & health. The publishing house focuses on building and strengthening its own brands created in recent years, i.e. ÉVA, Gyereklélek, and APA magazine. The portfolio targets modern and active women, parents dedicated to raising healthy and balanced kids, and men wishing to enjoy fatherhood to its fullest.

Earlier editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine Bus István is going to be in charge of building and strengthening the APA brand from 2020. A successful columnist in various women’s magazines and an active father himself, Bus István will ensure that APA magazine remains a world-class quality publication built on the principles of freedom, responsibility and independent thinking.

“Ever since we saw James Bond crying on the screen, we know that gender roles and stereotypes have changed. Modern men care less about classic status symbols, e.g. career, car, wristwatch or mobile phone, and nowadays they want to be good partners, good fathers, socially responsible persons and protectors of the weak. Men play an active role in the everyday life of the family, they want to participate in raising their kids – and they would not miss this experience for anything. We want to focus on these modern men in the future, and therefore we decided to let go of our other men’s magazines, i.e. Playboy and Men’s Health”, said newly appointed editor-in –chief of APA magazine Bus István.

“Our company published several men’s magazines over the last 25 years, including CKM, Playboy, Exclusive and Men’s Health, and therefore we have great experience in addressing hard-to-reach male target groups. In recent years demand for men’s lifestyle magazines has been declining and society’s perspective of men’s roles also changed in the 21st century. Playboy will always remain an iconic brand for us and we will think of it with great appreciation and respect. However, given our new focus areas and new target groups, Playboy is simply not relevant any more. The previously mentioned changes in gender stereotypes and social roles and the overall intention to create ‘real’ equality between men and women created new opportunities and tasks, and we want to become experts on this subject. We want to keep actively shaping modern family values and ensure that all family members, i.e. kids, women, and men, are equal. We help every family member in any question, wherever and whenever the question arises. It is important that our own brands give us complete freedom to react and meet the actual needs are requirements of consumers, at all times.”

– said Managing Director of Marquard Media, Óhidi Zsuzsanna.

APA magazine is going to be published more frequently, with 6 issues per year. Besides the print version, the brand offers video content, podcasts, kids’ special issues and the popular ‘Dad of the year’ award.