Hungarian premium magazines say no to fur

All Marquard Media publications announce complete ban on fur products

Marquard Media is proud to be the first media company in Hungary to join the international fur-free initiative and announce a complete ban on fur products, meaning that print and online Marquard Media magazines do not photograph fur and do not advertise fur brands any more.

“Consumer trends are dynamically changing in Hungary and around the world. More and more people buy responsibly and choose fur-free and cruelty-free products in the fashion and beauty sector.”
said Managing Director of Marquard Media Óhidi Zsuzsanna.

“We, as a premium magazine publisher and opinion leader in Hungary, welcome this trend, and decided to make the first step to support and strengthen this initiative.”

Marquard Media has been the first publisher in Hungary to announce a complete ban on fur, and Marquard Media magazines do not photograph fur and do not advertise fur brands any more, including clothing, bags and accessories made of fur. All Marquard Media Hungary brands (InStyle, Joy, Éva, Shape, Playboy, Runner’s World, Men’s Health, Apa Magazin, Gyereklélek), including print and online products, are affected.

Photo: Zsofia Hamori

“Several leading international fashion houses, including Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace, Furla, and Burberry, have recently decided to stop using fur. For the first time, no fur products were presented at the London Fashion Week this year. Marquard Media has long been committed to corporate social responsibility and focusing on environmental protection, and therefore we enthusiastically support this initiative. We hope that other media companies will soon follow our example, and companies in the fashion sector across the region will stop using and advertising fur products.”
added Óhidi Zsuzsanna.

As a second step of this initiative, Marquard Media introduced a new ‘Cruelty Free’ category in the Joy Prix de Beauté contest for products manufactured or developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals and several products were already entered.

Marquard Media hopes that it might influence the decisions of manufacturers and encourage them to experiment with new, innovative technologies and launch more cruelty-free products in the future. Leading international brands are already going fur-free and cruelty-free as part of their CSR commitments, and Marquard Media is fully committed to support them and help them advertise their new products.