At Marquard Media, we believe that profit-oriented business and a dedication to the local community and sustainability at large belong together. We understand that as a media company we do not live up to our responsibilities unless we foster conscious and responsible thinking. We have a serious influence on our user’s view of the world, values, and way of life. But more importantly, we can impact their ability to envision a better word and act accordingly. Therefore, it is our aim to not only foster values but to inspire with contents that lead to socially responsible actions and fulfill our users’ desire for meaning and impact. That is why we created Marquard Media Cares, the Group’s corporate social responsibility program.

Transforming CSR into Marquard Media Cares

As a responsible company, there is a lot we can do to combat suffering, hardship and a lack of education and understanding; however, we can also act as a community of conscious and caring individuals.

In contrast to the classic top-down CSR, when we say Marquard Media Cares, we think about processes, suggestions and actions which flow up and down in the organization at the same time, transforming the environment and ourselves at once.

When the compulsion to share,  a real need to heal and help, and the intention to change individual lifestyles for a sustainable future appear in us, CSR becomes stronger, more personal, more real and becomes Marquard Media Cares.