Marquard Media Group, a company founded by Jürg Marquard in the 1960s and headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading European media company, publishing lifestyle, special interest, gaming and electronic entertainment titles in Germany, Poland and Hungary. Leading titles in the premium lifestyle sector are among others: Men’s Health, Runners World, InStyle, Playboy, Harpers Baazar, Cosmopolitan, Joy, Eva, APA, as well as numerous other print, online publications, and B2B premium services. The strongly growing online sector includes web and mobile offers for the IT and gaming world provided by its portfolio companies: Golem, 4Players and Computec. Under the motto “create. connect. transact.” the company is dedicated to product and business model innovation strengthening existing offers and entering new market segments.

Trusted and Influential Media Brands Empowering Creation, Connections and Unique Transactional Value

Since the 1960s, Marquard Media Group (MMG) has been creating prime quality media solutions, constantly breaking into new territories. More than 50 years of change and innovation crystallised a unique corporate DNA, allowing for continuous progress. Through its trusted media brands, independent and prime content creation as well as software-based solutions in gaming, shopping and crowdsoursing, Marquard Media Group continuous enacting a new world of peer-to-peer engagement leveraging its core DNA. MMG creates trusted and engaging communities; reinvents how these communities engage and are connected to each segment of the broader economy; and creates new business ecosystems offering unique value to its members.