Dm Drogerie Markt

Marquard Media Hungary and  dm-drogerie markt Gmbh– A strategic partnership built on experience, trust and success

The strategic cooperation of the two companies, built brick by brick, has been based on an ideal business partnership, trust, satisfaction and continuous common thinking. The collaboration started with one consumer magazine publication; since then, it has expanded to the release of another magazine, cooperation on a digital platform, and the development and servicing of a photo database. The foundation of the service MMH has been providing is its 20-year history of quality content production in lifestyle magazine publishing and one-stop management of brand magazines, together with printing and digital services. With all these services, MMH has worked with dm to increase their customer loyalty and brand impact.

In October 2012, MMH signed a contract with dm-drogerie markt Gmbh (dm), one of its largest advertising partners, for a different kind of business collaboration.

The new venture started with the production and publishing of “active beauty magazine”, dm’s consumer magazine, with appearances in Austria and Germany as well. dm decided to start the magazine here in Hungary and considered Marquard Media as the best partner.

During the six years of successful cooperation, the number of publications has increased from four to ten per year, and has been supplemented by the release of a twice yearly magazine, the “dm family magazine”; a consumer magazine focussed on families with children between 0-5 years.

From January 2017, the collaboration was extended to content production for the digital platform, “”. It is updated every day with one new, tailor-made article. The next pillar of the collaboration was the development and management of a photo database, adapted exclusively to dm’s needs. Some 300 images, product photos or stylised group photos are produced and uploaded monthly under our control. The whole project is operated by Marquard Media Hungary Content Studio, providing dm with a comprehensive service and a dedicated team and project manager for every pillar of our cooperation.

Mr Roland Kanyó, the marketing and PR manager of dm-drogerie markt Gmbh, speaking about the partnership:

“For dm, it is important to work with partners who provide quality services and take seriously the deadlines that are crucial for dm. Marquard Media Hungary, our partner, has been working reliably for many years to produce dm magazine, and in the digital field too. Their innovative ideas support dm’s work. In dm, we aim to develop and maintain high-quality relationships with our partners, in the long run, to jointly achieve the best possible results.”