Krayon – high-end, luxury Swiss watch manufacturer – teams up with Esquire Poland to be introduced to the Polish market

Marquard Media Poland due to its outstandingly diverse portfolio is enabled to initiate diverse cooperation with different brands from various industries:

Esquire Poland, a dedicated watch enthusiast, has always been focusing on men’s watches. The brand has a 360° (and continuously expanding) portfolio to serve international and local watch manufacturers at its best: dedicated magazine and website sections, Esquire Watch Awards and Esquire Night Time, a newly established exclusive event for watch enthusiasts.

Watch manufacturers are long aware that Esquire is a vital and highly valuable brand and platform in Poland therefore they seek classic and disruptive forms to team up and strengthen brand awareness of timepieces for men (and women) with the support of Esquire.

Photo: Esquire

Remi Maillat, founder and CEO of highly exclusive Swiss watch manufacturer, Krayon, decided to team with Esquire and its event, Esquire Night Time to introduce Krayon watches first time in history in Poland. Krayon, winner of Innovation Prize at GPHG in 2018 produces highly limited and highly exclusive timepieces: Krayon Everywhere, with a universal sunset sunrise automatic movement and with an posh price-tag of 650,000 CHF was exhibited during Esquire Night Time in Warsaw. Remi Maillat himself also visited the Esquire event and was highly satisfied with its atmosphere, audience and exclusivity.

Photo: Esquire

Krayon has not been the only Swiss manufacturer to cooperate with Esquire: HYT, Valpin, Unimatic and Ressence have all chosen Esquire as the first touchpoint to the Polish market.